October 14, 2011


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For an essay question for a Beg. Low ESL adult class at the very beginning of instruction –

1. The question would be:

Do you like the United States? Explain why you do, or why you do not.

I would give the instructions both as written and as oral. I would write the question on the board as well and give an example.

For the rubric, since we don’t give grades and we simply want to know what they know I would not worry about spelling or if they wrote complete sentences; if however, they did manage these to with acceptable grammar, I would ask them if they’d like to go to next level.

Chances are that many would leave a blank there. Some might put a few words and some students who simply needed review, might be better served in a higher level. The response to if they want to go to the level could also indicated their need for promotion.

In these classrooms, the consideration is that the student be at the right level and since these are the first lessons it is possible for the teacher to determine the need for promotion. One thing that is not done is to demote students.

The authors recommend defining orally or in the test. This one has been done with both. The score is for the teacher to assess the prior knowledge since, the vocabulary for this has not been offered in this class. There is no need for students to stress about the test, but they will be told no response or “nothing” is equal to zero. The purpose is to hopefully get them to guess. If they can answer with something resembling a sentence they are the average student at this level as they have has some previous instruction. If they offer two sentences that are relatively complete sentences with subject – verb -order followed and recognizably spelled, they may be in a lower level that they should be. They may also just be more advanced. If they answer in complete sentences with adjectives, 90% correct spelling and compound sentences, they definitely are in too low a level.

Though students are not graded and this teacher tries not to focus on whether they are good students or not depending on promotion, students feel this is an evaluation of them, rather than concerning themselves with the main goal of improving and communicating effectively in the U. S.



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