August 26, 2013

Tips on Becoming A Conversationalist (and Making Good Friends)

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15. Do be sensitive. Oh, how people hate talking to people who can’t take a hint! Seriously, do you want to be slapped first before getting the message? Be aware of what he’s feeling. Communication isn’t just verbal; actually, a very big part of it is nonverbal. Body language? It matters a lot.16. Do be brave enough to open up and be vulnerable to other people. Hiding behind barriers won’t get you anywhere.17. Do be patient when you’re still starting up your relationship. Getting to know each other and earning someone’s trust takes time and patience.18. Do be updated with what’s ‘in’ at the moment. This isn’t a must, but you will definitely have a better chance of enjoying a conversation with him if you know what most people are talking about. You won’t seem like a guy who sped his whole life under a rock.19. Do relax and be random. Be unpredictable and fun to be with. Many people love hanging out with people who never fail to make them smile and laugh, and being random and cheerful really help do the job. What makes being random quite difficult is being natural and unique even when you’re random. You shouldn’t lose your sense of individuality. Be spontaneous. You can be random in your own little way.20. Do enjoy. Why give this much effort when you don’t like what you’re getting?

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New Themes: AutoFocus, Imbalance 2, and Reddle

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New Themes: AutoFocus, Imbalance 2, and Reddle.

Conversational English lessons

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Conversational English lessons

Try 15 minutes for free. Live via expertory. I have a Master’s in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and have taught all levels from Beginning Low to College speaking and writing. Additional classes besides the conversational class to be open soon.

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